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Version for Windows 10 with the popular application for sharing Viber messaging allows you to exchange instant messages, make calls, send and share images of funny stickers to your contacts. Thus, you can have it both on the phone and onyour home PC.Nakikipag-chat and phone calls, home and Goang first thing you need to know if you download Viber for Windows 10 is Musthave installed on your Android, iPhone , BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. During the registration process, you will be prompted to enter your phone number, you get a code to activate the application on Windows, 10.Sa time, Viber Viber import a list of contacts and integrates it in addition. Thus, you will be able tosee all your friends using Viber and opportunity tostart communication kanila.Viberfor Windows, 10allows chat and make voice calls (no video) to your contacts, as well as assend funny stickers and emoticons, built in the last mobile versions phone.Sa text chat, Viber lets you create group chats with up to 40 contacts. Unfortunately, this version of Viber doesntsupport group call, so you have to take one-isa.Viber knows how to take advantage of features on Windows, level 10 ofnotifications, dynamic dock icon and the function to notice the work well and can be displayed on the lock screen device. Dynamic icon shows details of your last conversation or phone call, and if you want, you can attach any contact with the house in order to have more direct access. And the best part: Dockfeature allows Viber conversationin left corner of the screen while using other applications. Nice.Malinis and intuitive interface, if the version of the following å Viber Windows 10 style is very, very modern. It has a very clean interface, on a white background with purple details. Buttons and elements are large and are intended for use on the touch device. The only thing we would say that the interface is so pure that gives the impression of several Souless, almost, the quality of communication is characterized by: clear in our test, but, without a doubt, the best of Viber from a user perspective may have a phone and a computer. It is really convenient, since it means that you can chat with a friend while Youre walkinghome, and then continue to talk in front of your laptop or desktop PC.Very good, yes, but just like all ibaViber Windows, 10is a complete messaging application, there is no doubt. His light, pleasing to the eye and works perfectly on all calls. He does the same thing, how it all actually means the same thing as her anything doesntdo Viber or Skype line does not make. In fact, seeing as it does not sharevideos or files, and you can not make video calls, it is actually less than its competitors. Therefore, if you do useViber regularlyon your phone, whether there is a reason to change arentmany messaging application.

Viber 5 1

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