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UC Browser is very popular on mobile devices, and it is now available on the Windows desktop, as well. It looks very similar to Google Chrome, but there are a few additional features and more personal.

Chrome Browser extrasUC joins a growing list browsers based cromiwm-, which explains its similarity directly to Google Chrome.This means browser should not have any problems associated with normal web standards, so where However it should be noted UC Browser, see pages are being implemented as it should. The viewer will get results similar to Chrome in popular benchmarks, although it came out slightly worse in some cases, but not so obvious from the consumer perspective. UC Browser can also be set to view websites as if it were Internet Explorer, only extensions case.Chrome also are supported and can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store. It is compatible with most of the expansion in the store, but not all of the additional feature of UC Browser them.One UC is free WIFI, which turns your computer into a ‘ the WiFi hotspot, so you can share the connection with mobile phones and other devices. Browser can also block online ads, using the letter from AdBlock – this feature is not enabled by default be.

If you do not like it, change itMany alternative browsers specializes in personalization and UC Browser is no exception. It has a specific button so you can quickly and easily change the theme. Currently, there are a large number of subjects to choose from, but these are of high quality and significantly alter the appearance of the browser. This contrasts with Google Chrome themes that offer only subtle changes. List of background images are quite large, with hundreds of images to choose from.You qualified can choose one of two startup screens, one of which is similar to Speed ​​Dial Opera, and another, containing fine bubbles can personalize with favorite internet pages.

Ideal if you’re already using it on mobileUC Browser is an alternative interesting for Chrome, which is easy to use, customizable and offers some additional doubt features.Without useful, the overall experience is so amazing that we recommend Firefox or Chrome thrown in the garbage. However, as it synchronizes perfectly with the mobile version, it is recommendable, if UC Browser mobile browser of choice already.

UC Browser 5

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