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In the last 29 years of their glory, Fairlight Release # 1096

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (c) CD Projekt RED

: Supplied by: Fairlight :: Release Date: 19/05/2015

Cracked by: Fairlight Game type: RPG

Breaking through Fairlight Image Format: ISO

CD: 3 Protection: –

Repack NOTE:

We fucked up the target structure of CD 3

game information


The Witcher: Wild Hunt is the next generation of open story-driven world

fantasy role-playing in a universe full of visually stunning

selection of meaningful and dramatic effect. In the game you play as a witcher

Gerallt professional monster hunter Rivia, job search

prophecy children in a world that is rich with large open city merchants, Vikings

the islands of pirates, dangerous mountain passes, and I forgot


Play as a hired qualified Vampire MONSTER

Trained from early childhood and mutate to gain exceptional skills,

strength and reflexes, Switchers counterweight to the suspect

-Monster filled world in which they live

Monster Hunter destruction of enemy armed with horror as professional

series upgrade weapons, potions and magic mutation battle

Hunting various exotic specimens of wild animals roam

The mountain will be a cunning predator lurking in the supernatural

shadow populous city

Invest your donation to upgrade your weapons and buy a personal weapon, or

they spend playing away in horse racing, cards, fights, etc.

fun night

Looking for an open world morally indifferent FANTASY

Built for endless adventure, open world of The Witcher set

The new standard in size, depth and complexity

Crossing the great open world to explore forgotten ruins, caves and

wreck, trade with merchants and blacksmiths dwarves in cities, and hunting

open plains, mountains and sea

Treat generals dangerous, cunning witches and royalty corruption

dark and dangerous service delivery

Make choices that go beyond good evil, and they face widespread


Chasing Prophecy children

On the main contract to maintain the children’s prophecy,

to save or destroy the world’s major

In wartime, going after children prophecy, the remaining weapons

Elven power predicted by the ancient legends

The struggle against the ruthless leader, the spirit and the desert

threats from beyond the veil – all hell-bent on controlling the world

Enter your destination in the world can be not worth saving

The new generation is fully aware

built specifically for next-generation hardware, REDengine 3 gifts

The Witcher nuanced visual world and organic, real true to life


dynamic weather system and day / night cycles affect how people

cities and into the rest of the sample

Rich with two main choices in this story and subplots, large open this

The world will be influenced by players like never before


The Witcher 3

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