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Title: Universim

Genre: Indie, simulation, strategy, early access

Developer: Crytivo Games

Publisher: Crytivo Games

Release Date: Fast!

About this game

To revive the former glory of the god game genre, new ideas and a new generation of ambitious game Universim attempt. God’s power, you open up the world, the stars start printing your Galactic Empire. Dust your civilization outer space under your leadership will continue to grow over the centuries. However, it is not a static world, you may be accustomed to is the same, dynamic, living world is as beautiful as a surprise. All Universim dynamic game around. No it’s never the same for any two planets, natural disasters and other events can be triggered by time, and I react to light in organic and credible. In fact, it is not one thing we do have some nice, if a bit silly though every now and then.

The Universim v0

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