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In 1985, a young Dublin (Ferdia Walsh Kloosterveen) rock ‘roll band to win an aspiring model (Lucy Boynton).

The film takes us back in 1980 in Dublin called through the eyes of a boy of 14 years old Connor who are looking for a home resting a strained relationship of parents and money problems while trying to fit in the middle of her new public school where children are rude and teachers are rougher. He found little hope in mystery, the air is cool and beautiful Raphina, in order to win her heart, he invited her to star in his music video tape. There’s only one problem: it is not part of it once again, and now Connor must deliver promised what he is – calling him Cosmo and immerse themselves in the trend of vibrant decade rock music, he formed about the players and the group pour their hearts in writing articles and video recording.

Sing Street 2016

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