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Title: Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2

Original title: -The Spirit of Eternity Sword2-

Year: 08.03.2007 Japan, English version 04.20.2016

Length: very long (50 hours)

Developer: Xuse

Publisher: Cyber ​​Front Xuse


Voice: Japanese

Info: VNDB


Travel endless worlds.

Boom time. Numerous branches are in space, each has its own world. In such a world, the boy soul of the ancient god of the exemption request. He tries to lead a normal life but must constantly fight the destructive

He calls threatening to crush it.

Little does not know that his best friends also long forgotten bear the burden of the era. From this comes the power of fate; Eternity swords of incredible power and Guardian Spirits revealed their souls. The gods are reborn, a friend turns into an old friend and war erupt again.

Thrown in the world is not his, Nozomu must fight to bring friends home. It is also true nature of managed before the opening of completely consume. Thus begins a journey that will shake the foundations of the universe.


– An epic fantasy story that involves an infinite multiverse.

– Over 50 hours of gameplay tactical RPG, with 6 unique endings and three difficulty levels.

– The deepest struggle that challenges you to find the right way to win.

– Build an army of 19 characters with hundreds of different skills.

– Conquer the more than 100 castles and build powerful artifacts to help fight.

– More than 120 beautiful CGS.


1. Start installation.

18 Screen:


Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword

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