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PES 2014 is in the field, and brought him to, at the time of playing Rev. new graphics engine, real estate, and is better than most in the atmosphere large highlightsof ed.

A league, the cup of the tournament, and multiplayer onlinePro Evolution, the lake is now available for, for each of the game modes: par – in a single boring game with youtake AI ?? Gloria or friend.

EU vitae – This strategy allows you to play offline and online covenant of the Lord. Create your team and the sadness of leadyour management contract glory of sell and buy players. This is a new thing; now an agent of the state. In essence, the work has been gamehas simpler and better usability.

From one player to watch and Download legend- themprogress brilliant career. In this way, you can choose agoalkeeper players, as an example, and to show himunbeatable, thecaptain in vehicles, and the yourdefense issuingcommands, Casillas and Buffon justlike.

Elites – the way back for anything to defend in 2014, 2013. In addition, the cup of which is the way you can play with the foot, you can configure to your liking, or playing the festival on- online. Usually, you can play, and the year of Asia, attracting Juventus Juventus Europa League Copa Libertadores (the ability allthese rutrum elite as well). On the other hand, there’s a big gap in many club teams for LCENSE and of the covenant, the Germans did not have includingEnglish on this side, and the right to Konami (fc General says London, there ‘ the city is ManBlue, and the team German is so far from the game).

Discipline – the discipline to hone your technical skills, it’s perfect. In this way the varying degrees of training in a single vote. And it should result in a benefit to the game and special moves to make the movement of the no. You can also be a matter of fact, in the starting corner, free kick and loadingstages penalti.Selama, in certain circumstances, and gettips do in the game and move to the picture, he died and was making use of auseful intermissionthat ! Pes 2014 menu designisnt is bad, but the usefulness of the new FIFA 14, there is a certain time of his life.

A freedom of movement in PES 2014 have experienced major changes lapanganKontrol game. The amount will be increased controlof TrueBall analog stick new Tek, you can stop or control a ball through 360 degrees. The movement of the foot, and in the end everything is kind of unprecedentedfreedom. This may be due to the increase in the area of ​​the body, however, it came to pass, he does stumble, course tahun.Juga arethe tackles meaningtheres effectthat The series several bowling ball, it was arenow much more likely, and humidity. Strength, weight and physical strength or impact players, the results will affect the shoulder strugglesbetween pemain.Manuver more rational; speed play favorsteam slower than in previous years. More difficultto bearing and ball player in the back office. Now you’ll need to know about the situation and the right to benefit from a blow to his teammates fieldand thetiming player in the player to the last player to play the role of a sudden out of a 2014 ft gawang.Pergi; The natural movement of love in his own place. Cross-way hand, than in the past, is being calibrated, and he did, when more credible, although some appear to be slightly increased in the steps of so dikemudikan.Thegoalkeepers; They have the most amazing saves and animation. And now it comes out and crossed the ball forhigh specific, although slowness and lack of reactivity with the goalkeeper and striker face leaves much to be desired (The button on the joypad XBOX) is an artificial foot .kecerdasan highlights most of 2014. Players will be handled by the CPU moves performed Welland what works unexpectedly andWhen itself is necessary, not to leave thee, and the pictures are dumb. 6 are going to be able to choose the difficulty level of the nature of their vehicles, and in these three, it requires well AI.Tapi 2014. During the FIFA gameplay than good, but you do not have a specific makes Editor this extra capacity biasaBaru modul.Sebuah graphics engine gameclimate Fox in the foot well of 2014. all of the resemblance of us and the importance of the virtual players body (such honored soil, which is not as obvious a little rough around the edges). Greate best regulated in the care of the individual steps, and details of any Choreography foreach.Meskipun in producing exactly what this is better than that, we see the body as an occasional fall, however, the provisions are made in order this is not relevant to the experience of the game. Furthermore, explaining the lack of rain and snow. That’s not a dealbreaker, usually games, but for PES 2014 almost without itscertainly ini.Fitur others, new binary, and without the freedom of the structure which is the best to go with the players now, is, that those who, at the foot of 2014. the components of the audio player ditentukan.Efek often the team in the celebration of the 12th into supportingthe audience, galvanizingevery dangerous move, and to be hissed at theirheroes atopponents he ‘u exhorts to the end, most of the game in the phrenetics. Konami announced at last also means creating an atmosphere emosional.Fajar gamers eventto in the new dawn of a new era for the relay. This edition is based on one of the game, the team to play more, better control of the player, the ball has physical experience of handling issues gaming.Jadi variety of characteristics, what more, it is the foot in 2014, overcome by FIFA? In a word -; EAsimulator still be king, but it has certainly reduced the gap, and now developers alternatif.Para cm Konami has created a fun, worthwhile game, the game allows you to toimmerse stadium may not be so lainnya.Fox football videogame machine, while still immature, a little rougher around the pines, most new birth of freedom. Konami has lifted a particular step in the right to worship, will be greatly enhanced nature of titles, many are looking to all the good of its kind.

PES 2014 Pro

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