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Panzer Corps: Corps

(V) Slitherine Ltd.

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Tip – drive (a) ……………….. 1 DVD

Release Notes

1942, as war rages in Germany and its allies are still enormous

Invasion of the Soviet Union, which seems on the verge

collapse. Britain was the last redoubt of the increasingly isolated

European resistance, the military wasp seems unstoppable.

But the United States in the fight! Supreme Allied Command debate

Opening a new front: It’s time to turn the tide.

Tank body: The body is made up of three different DPS, and each of them

and its unique battlefield situation, but it all depends

Transfer of branch block colossal!

brave but inexperienced “rookie” the beginning of the North Sand

Africa and the attack on the Italian coast, and fight your way up

Peninsula, and finally landed in Normandy and took part in the finals

Germany to push! Learn how to keep your troops wisely to use

veterans of the battle!


This expansion and renovation of three independent functions for

All previously released DLC.

Install Notes

1. Unpack release

2. Mount or burn the image

3. Set

4. Copy the cracked content from a folder in the main SKIDROV

Set folder and cover

5. Firewall unit and mark our cracked content of the game

give / antivirus believe

6. Play the game

7. The company’s software actually enjoy!


All members of the family and honorable rival!

In accordance with the ASCII Art

Great Divine Duo

Malo + irokos

Titan artdivision

Panzer Corps U S Corps SKIDROW

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