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Three generations gathered in the week before Mother’s Day. It follows the lives of different mothers or mothers day. Sandy (Aniston) is happily divorced, until he discovers that his ex-wife ran off with a younger woman. Now you need to learn how to handle big changes in her life as her two children now have a parent step. Sisters Jesse (Hudson) and Night (Chalke) get an unexpected surprise from her mother, who did not have the pleasure of discovering Evening lesbian and Jesse is married to a person of color. No Miranda (Roberts) children and concentrate on his career. Kristin (Robertson) is enjoying life as a new mother, but her boyfriend is feeling the pressure to get married. Bradley (Sudeikis) strives to be the best father for their two children since their mother died last year, but their idea of ​​Mother’s Day is an excuse that does not exist at all.

Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a strain, a single mother who discovers that her ex-husband to marry a younger woman. Her friend Jesse (Kate Hudson) is a fitness freak who can not tell their parents that they have a family. Bradley is a widower (Jason Sudeikis) aims to raise two daughters on her own, while Miranda (Julia Roberts) is too busy with his career to worry about having children. When their own problems begin face, celebrating Mother’s Day takes on special meaning.

Mothers Day 2016

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