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Or Gates bombastic personality, which is a network of popular TV programs financially that her money on Wall Street Viz. But high-tech action Hawks after he mysteriously falls, investors need angri Gates, his crew and his producer fifth Fenn as he was kidnapped in the air. takes place in real time, Gates and Fenn, to preserve life, while at the same time, money, big ball, to find a way to reveal the truth.

Financial fifth leader Li Gates and his producers are in a situation of extreme rage investor takes in his studio. Real-time, high interest thriller Money Monster, George Clooney and Julia Roberts star presenter financially fifth Li Gates and his producers, who have an extreme situation regime, when the investor losing furious (O’Connell) forcibly take his office and. The tense standoff millions on live during the show, Lee and Patti furiously working on the clock to solve the mystery in today’s rapidly evolving high technology for the parcel in the center of the global market.

Financial fifth leader Li Gates and his producers are in a situation of extreme rage investor takes in his studio.

Director: Jodie Foster

Writers: Jamie Linden (scenario), Alan DIFI (scenario)

Stars: George Cloonei, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell

Genres: Crime | drama | thriller

Country: United States



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Money Monster 2016

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