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The gameplay in Mass Effect 2 was influenced by the decision of the original Mass Effect. Many aspects of the game have changed and refined, including the elimination of long elevator ride, and Mako complete inventory system. Conversations with a feel more cinematic and the players now have the ability to use the system interruption light. In battle, players now have the regeneration of ammo and health.

After the events of Mass Effect, Normandy is attacked by an unknown vessel and Shepard dies. Shepard’s body is recovered and he / she is brought back to life by Cerberus, a human organization run by racists Man illusory. Sheppard eventually discovers that the reapers are responsible and acted under the authority of insect species, called collectors, and they are responsible for the entire human colonies disappearing throughout the galaxy. Shepard must recruit and gain the loyalty of a diverse team of collectors overcome a suicide mission.


Some of the decisions made by the players in the reflection of the original Mass Effect Mass Effect 2, one way or another. When starting a new game, players have the ability to import saved files. If you choose to import the file, a summary of each of them are given to help them decide what to wear. Imported Commander Shepard can start from scratch if necessary.

Players can dictate if Shepard will die at the end of Mass Effect 2, based on your choices during the game. During the visit, members of the recruiting squads and collectors hunt, players can collect enemy information and resources to buy various upgrades for Normandy, which can influence the final mission. If Shepard player dies after game, he / she can not be imported into Mass Effect 3. The staff members affected by the decisions of the player as well. Players will have the mission to win the loyalty of his colleagues. The player does during the mission will determine whether the win loyalty platoon. Earning loyalty platoon unlock special power and also help in the final battle of the container ship. Finish the scope of the whole team experience for the whole team were killed, and everything else.

Galaxy Mass Effect 2 is deeper than the original Mass Effect. unknown worlds that players can investigate only for “cheap thrills” in the first part of the game that are now smaller, but much more detailed. Mako – used for planetary exploration in the first Mass Effect – was not included in Mass Effect 2. Transfer Gout is used instead of the direct transport the reader to areas of immediate interest. elevator rides long used to disguise the loading time in the original Mass Effect, have been removed completely replaced by loading screens.

During the talks with the positioning of the camera is improved. Before static camera moves to deliver a cinematic touch. Novelty is speaking in the context of the interruption of the system; except neutral, Renegade and Paragon dialogue options, Shepard is now able to stop the conversation, when asked about the controls on the screen.


Combat in Mass Effect 2 has dramatically changed the original Mass Effect. Players can not treat a middle-gel; Instead, regeneration and health can only use Medi-gel to revive downed teammates. The ability to shoot the gun is not based on a system of overheating Instead, use ammunition. Ammo is common practice in most conventional weapons, unlike most of the other parties who have a third person perspective, where different weapons require special ammunition.

There are 19 different weapons, divided into 6 types in Mass Effect 2, which is much less than the first mass effect. Granada’s first game have been replaced by heavy weapons and machine guns that were added as a weapon class. Characters are no longer needed to invest in the skills of weapons; Instead, they receive a certain kind of weapon from the start and can easily upgrade them to the end. The tests can be carried out through the expansion of the damage of weapons, ammunition, power and precision. armor restrictions were eliminated and players are able to upgrade your armor through research, and through the purchase of interchangeable components.


Mass Effect 2 begins weeks after the first game. During the patrol Geth, Normandy is attacked by an unknown ship, and many of the crew died, including Navigator Presley. The rest of the crew was forced to evacuate. During the evacuation, pastor Joker plays in the final escape pod before Normandy blown into space. The color of the pastor violation suffocation and falls on the planet below. With former platoon Liara T’Soni, the body was removed from the pastor of the superiority of human organization called Cerberus and spent two years amounts him / her. Once risen, Shepard wakes up aboard the station under siege where he / she helps Cerberus agents Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson escape. Immediately after, Shepard received an audience with the man illusory, the head of Cerberus.

illusive man says Shepard entire populations of human colonies are disappearing in the galaxy; Reapers believe are responsible and work in kind of proxy-like insect called collectors. Shepherd believes in the theory of man illusory after visiting recently attacked colony called Freedom Progress, and agree to help stop the collectors until the end of the journey through the relay Omega-4 from which no ship never returned. the command of the new Normandy, piloted by Joker and equipped with a set called EDI Shepard given.

Shepard gaining four new colleagues Salaria scientist Mordin Solus, a former platoon Garrus Vakarian accused Jack and Kroger genetically land before receiving Man illusory Intel, another human colony called Horizon is under attack. Despite the impact of Harbinger, used with the powerful ability to take direct control of the collectors, casual pastor successfully preventing the attack, although much of the population of the colony was captured. After the mission, joining former platoon Shepard Ashley Williams is Kaidan Alenko sour because of the alliance with Cerberus Shepard.

Shepherd continues to raise colleagues, adding more than three former platoon Tali, Asari Justicar Samara Morinth or daughter, depending on the choice of players and Drell assassin Thane Krios while contacts Home illusory Shepard around the boat reportedly blocked by Collector Turians. As Shepard and his / her board composition, but surprisingly found Collector resistance, Shepard discovers that collectors were originally Protheans, which were converted slaves harvesters. Eddie Sheppard learns to ignore Omega-4 relay previously attacked by collectors. Although Shepard and the Normandy escapes container ship, the relationship between Shepard and person illusory is strained because of their knowledge of a trap catcher last.

After finally winning the loyalty of his / her colleagues used Shepard attends IFF transponder and drive, abandoned necessary for safe travel through the relay Omega-4 and then becomes unconscious Geth. Being of Geth named after the Legion and voluntarily joined. Shortly thereafter, Normandy integrated IFF when Shepard and composition of the ferry landing. During his absence, Normandy is attacked and boarded by collectors; single Joker (who becomes an instant the character during the invasion) to avoid sequestration.

After Shepard’s team returns to Normandy, but the use of Omega-4 relay to reach the base of the container. Managed to enter the base, rescue all the surviving members of Normandy and battle your way to the central chamber. Here, Shepard discovers that collectors have used the new building made of people kidnapped, EDI still not sure what his true purpose. Sheppard destroys the power of the human machine used and prepared to destroy the base of the container. However, before making contact man so elusive Shepard and gave the order to sterilize the basis of pulse radiation so that the information can be used against the reapers. After selecting destroy or sterilize based Sheppard destroys man awoke Reaper larvae and – if colleagues enough to survive – running base before the bomb exploded. In Normandy, Shepard said the man who wants illusory congratulate or condemn his / her actions. Shepard meets survivors in Normandy retention mission Joker gives diagrams Reaper.

If Shepard survived a suicide mission, Joker, instead of talking about the elusive man who tells the legend Shepard will not be forgotten. Joker then seen mourning about Pastor drawer, but then returns to the helm.

Regardless of the end, humanity now has the full attention of the Reapers, who agreed in a dark room and go down the galaxy, starting with the events of Mass Effect 3.


Mass Effect 2 includes a variety of downloadable content (DLC), including some that is needed “plot of the show. In the Lair of the Shadow Broker Shadow Broker Side Quest of Mass Effect is solved. The arrival, Shepard examines evidence of invasion that used events leading to this bridge to Mass Effect 3.

Other related story contains DLC missions loyalty “Zaeed – Price of Revenge” and “Kasumi – Stolen Memory” Normandy Crash Site, Firewalker Pack and Overlord. “Overlord”, “Lair of the Shadow Broker” and “Kasumi: Stolen Memories” were already burned to the disk version of Mass Effect 2 PS3.

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