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Information about the film

Title: New York fell

Original Title: New York fell

Released: 2016

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

By Babak Najafi / Babak Najafi

Stars: Gerard Butler (Mike Banning), Aaron Eckhart (Benjamin Asher), Morgan Freeman (VP Trumbull), Alon Abutbul (Aamir Barkawi), Walid Zueyter (Kamran Barkawi), Adele Bensherif (Mansoor Raza), Julian Dehbi (Sultan Mansoor) Shivani Ghai (Ram Mansoor), Martin Petrushev (UAV uses Corporation), Marcus (Josee Office), Michael Uildman (Voight agent), Radha Cicero (Leah Banning)

About the film:

The film begins in London, the British prime minister who died under mysterious circumstances. Certainly among the leaders of the West. It is dangerous, it is the strength of the most powerful in the land: But, as the truth of things, on the ground, or in the world to come and give him. To ward off the disaster, hope is the American president, and there are only three, and a faithful minister – intelligence agents, the agent and the MI6 and the British, that there is no sure of it.

VLC Media Audio track 2 Select LIB

UK Country Bulgaria

Duration: 1:38:24

Translation: For (full double)


Codec: MPEG4 (H264)

Quality: 1080p-550 Standard | iTunes

Video: 1920×804, ~ (4) 294 Kbps,

are the:

Russian (AC3, 6 foot, 384 kbit / s) in a row, iTunes

English (AC3, 2 pcs, 192 kbit / s)

Subtitle: English

The global hit at the height of the sky fell to the events in London for the first time, the British Prime Minister, in secret, where different conditions. His funeral, even if it is, it is imperative that the leaders of the West. What is a capital protected around the world starting with the head of the most powerful in the history of a plot to kill him, a terrifying vision of the future, whom the British devastate all things of the same features of the town . The tribe of hope, Forbid him not to have the president of the United States, the head of the secret service was terrible, and no one has the right to tell a British MI6 agent.

London Has Fallen 2016

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