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LinkAssistant trying to help improve the ranking of search engines by building links to your site.It is no great secret to get the top position in the search engines, you will have other websites link to your website. LinkAssistant works by finding and managing hundreds of what he calls “link partners” and help you get connected back through partners with similar interests. LinkAssistant can help you discover online form for submitting Link (he claims representing 25,000 sites to choose from), and can even fill out forms for you.In addition LinkAssistant displays the Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and link Popularity link partners, making it easy to see which areas are worth the time and effort associated with. LinkAssistant can also publish pages via FTP, create personalized messages and double-check your link partners. Of course, also monitors the site’s ranking in all major search engines.LinkAssistant is based on Java, which can make it a bit slow and unresponsive, but the advantage is that it works on different platforms. Also keep in mind that if you want to use LinkAssistant for large sites or multiple sites, licensing costs are higher than ordinary users.Users reported varying degrees of success in directing traffic from LinkAssistant and if you have problems for traffic, it’s worth a try.

LinkAssistant 4 12

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