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League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), where fighting two teams of five players to destroy the enemy base looks DotA. Offering a combination of free, high-octane RPG and strategy together with a pinch of action, and that means (LoL for short) is capable of a game that is both fun and profound, and no doubt please fans of multiplayer online games offer. Standards for real games MOBA competition and pressure and DotA 2, which established means in turn as the standard for the MOBA genre with almost 40 million monthly. The good thing about it is the power LoL game that requires you to react quickly, without forgetting the depth of the strategy. The style popular in lol (5 vs. 5 battles to fight the enemy base) provides approximately 40 minutes of the match, played in a single session, after the middle of the game will be more generally make your team the other players out. Fortunately, there are many ways in other games, if you do not have time for this fight for a long time, you can make a 3 by 3 or 5 vs. 5 battles with characters and random against bots are controlled by artificial intelligence. LoL service people experience a variety of games is constantly growing: Development is always in the game modes and new characters lose long interest À reached play in this area, as the number of appearances made his debut, developers have a point to game accessible for beginners made to make (a difficult task for MOBA games) there. Many training against AI system that you need to make from the get go against other players with a similar skill parents experienced improvement. Keep in mind that challenge LoL and the first part of the game is often disappointing. You have power through these steps if you want to become a good player, and enjoy all the benefits that come with the game in the long run, as most of MOBA, League of Legends suffer from defects. Important: This is a team sport, that communication is very important. Unfortunately, some players tend to be as soon as they get to save when a little frustrated. It is not uncommon to see insults flying around in the audience, along with an increase in anti-social behavior. It’s too bad, because it can sometimes ruin the game experience. Feel free to play with your friends, or turn off the public peace! Please note that all online games competition, which means to be important great about fair play, even without investing to make money in this game, it should be possible competitive with other players. Strategy of fair play, as a rule, work calibrated often used to prevent too strong character, take more important than others. Complaints just put my rune system, in addition to these features enable strong should not free to play competitive games. Picture day, but the developers are always released in 2009, taking into account not up to standard at the time, the generation of the game in terms of graphics. The function is obsolete, as the scenery. Fortunately, however, developers are constantly working on improving the design features and make them more attractive. Although certain aspects of frustration (especially developed secular nature of women), everything seems to work much, and catches the eye. You will see that the content regularly updated games ** ** for the development of changes in the nature, structure, maps, and reproduction can develop the game over time .A classic online game League of Legends is a classic . Mortgage system of team play, including strategy and role, the program offers an experience more dynamic and interesting, you can enjoy in the long term, the abundance of game .League Legends successful (technically less complex than DotA 2 access) and regularly updated with in terms of content. Remember that even if it is free, you can also Lao Sin end up paying more out of pocket if you want to get your hands on some of the contents of the payment (including the annoying “runes” system).

League of Legends 9

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