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The ID Photo

Photo 7 This instrument is designed for residential dui image

In the process of IDs passports, visas and identity documents, so that

prejudice to the special norms to meet the national and international agencies. According to the biometric passport in creating the images of which can exist only in ISO / IEC 19794-5 standard, according to the international standards of geometric Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Photo 7 The hallmark of many algorithms used openly lorem head, face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, chin and sharp images, etc. corrected immediately and the reverse ratio of Passport need to adjust the image size of the crop.

4 For by the user to the leaders of the steps of a simple wizard, ID Photo, and perfect, 7, to the diplomas.

15 tests showed that the second can not be created for our diplomas, in the –

Even PhotoShop or time than the use of it.

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ID Photos Pro 7

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