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released 28/07/2015

Second edition 23/06/2015





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Batman: Arkham Knight trilogy brings award winning Arkham

Rocksteady Studios, with its epic conclusion. Designed specifically for

The new -Gen Batman: Arkham Knight is recommended Rocksteady

The unique design of the Batmobile. Awaited

In addition, the car, have announced

Arkham games of the series, gives gamers the best and most complete

Batman experience as they tear through the streets and jump over

Shadow integrity of Gotham City. The final blow

Batman faces threats against the city that he swore

Scarecrow protection by enabling connection of Gotham villains Super

And destroy Batman Forever

The Batman – living experience all Batman Dark Knight

Enter a summary of his main Rocksteady Arkham Trilogy. players

Detection is most happening in the world as never before

Batmobile offer updated signature

A Freeflow Combat, Stealth, and the forensics

Login Batmobile – Batmobile brought life

Design completely new and original visual There are different

SOV onboard full range of high technology equipment. Design

Management fully Earth and in a state of change

A high level after the war that a military

Stories are at the core of the game plan and allow

Players tear through the streets of the incredible speed of movement

Most dangerous criminals Gotham City

Epic Conclusion to Arkham Trilogy Rocksteady is – Batman: Arkham

Knight brings all out war against Gotham City. Fighting from hit and run

Batman: Arkham Asylum, which escalated into a deadly plot

Against detainees in Batman: Arkham City, graduated from the best

showdown for the future of Gotham. Scarecrow at the mercy of fate

City hangs in the balance when he joined from Arkham Knight

All new characters and the original Batman universe, as well as

The huge list of villains infamous including Harley Quinn, The

Penguin, Two Face and the Riddler


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Batman Arkham Knight CPY

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