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Marianne Stone Lane is to be read, so that he could recover in the volcanic island of Pantelleria, and the old Henry with a companion of Paul, and suddenly there was with the record of the producer of the iconoclast interrupted by Penelope, daughter their holy days, and the desire can not go to be with the spirit of the atomic bomb.

He rocker known filmmaker evacuation of unexpected visits Graecinus girl and an old friend. In splash bigger than the life of a number of high-profile, which is the star of the rock, and filmmakers, (Tilda Swinton, and Matthias Shoe) holiday, and they can escape from the pastures of the sun-drenched, and a remote island, and the daughter of an old friend of his visit to Italy, Pantelleria suddenly interrupted by (Ralph Fiennes State and Cicero) – a storm, and generate envy, passion, and in the end all those involved in the risk.

In the bigger splash by Luca Guadagnino, the legendary rock Marianne Lane (Tilda Swinton) prevailed in the volcanic island of Pantelleria, and the companion of Paul (Matthias Shoe) with record producer iconoclast old Harry (Ralph Fiennes), along with Penelope daughter ( Dakota Johnson) holiday and interrupted when the spirit that it is not the desire of the atomic bomb; Big splash of lust in the image of and under the sun, the rocks, and the book of the efforts of the Mediterranean.

A Bigger Splash 2016

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